Egg Allergy in Babies and Toddlers – Best Diagnosis & Treatment

Babies are adorable and cute but they are also very fragile and there are things that might seem usual for adults but fatal for babies, like eggs for example.

Egg allergies in babies manifest when the protein in the eggs is misinterpreted as a harmful substance by the body of the infant. Since the immune system of babies is not yet developed their bodies can react to the ovalbumin and ovomucoid in the eggs, usually the cause of allergy. Most usually outgrow egg allergy in babies at age 5 and above, also introduction of eggs in an infants diet is not recommended until baby turns 1 year old.

Usually after eating eggs, the symptoms appear immediately if egg allergy in babies is present. In a doctors clinic, the doctor will extract a small amount of the allergen and gently prick the skin so the body can react to the suspected allergen. Sometimes, when skin tests like the one mentioned earlier did not work, blood samples are tested.

Some of the symptoms of egg allergy in babies are  hives, swelling of the face, diarrhea, pain in the stomach, nausea, wheezing, running nose, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, low blood pressure, flushing and itching and rashes around the mouth then sometimes spreading all over the body. Symptoms of egg allergy in toddlers are the same as the symptoms of egg allergies in babies, however, there are times when eating an egg dont cause an allergy, but the allergic reaction happens when it the egg comes contact with the skin. This is because some of the proteins that cause the reaction are altered by the stomach acids. Cooking the egg might also lessen the effect of allergic reaction at times.

On extreme cases, the egg allergy in babies can result to a serious allergic reaction which is the anaphylaxis. This is when breathing becomes difficult for the baby or the toddler and there will be a sudden decrease in the blood pressure. This kind of egg allergy in babies is often remedied by epinephrine in the form of an injection while not so severe cases can be cured by anti-histamines.

Since most products contain eggs, totally depriving eggs ones diet could be difficult. But for parents and guardians wondering When can i feed eggs to my baby, it would be safe to wait until the baby’s immune system is developed enough. Some of egg allergy in babies treatment include the earlier mentioned medicines. Skin reactions can also be cured with creams and lotions that are based on steroids. Tolerance over allergies like egg allergy in babies can be developed although there is no assurance that the allergy will fully disappear. It is suggested that eggs be introduced in the diet every two years, cooked eggs preferred so the proteins will be digested better.